Welcome to my Boeing747-400 Home Simulator

Hello All! My name is Marco. I have been a Flight-Simmer for over 20 years now, but it was about 10 years ago that I first started dreaming about building my very own 747-400 Simulator. The simulator, based in Calgary Canada, is 100% scale (in width) and the cockpit measures about 10ft wide x 10ft long and 8ft high. Although (for obvious reasons) compromises had to be made - it reproduces the 747-400 cockpit amazingly close, and when in the pilot's seat the "feeling" is quite real. As every simmer knows, a project of this magnitude is never quite finished, but it is now at a very "presentable" stage - and if I may say so myself, it is starting to look, sound and feel pretty darn amazing! Eventually, every switch and knob will be working, but it is a gradual process, for the time being only those controls that are essentials (plus some extra ones) are connected and functional. The sim runs on a highly customized MS-FS9 platform. It sports 4 monitors, a tablet to display airport maps and other useful EFB information, plus the projector(s) for the main out-view, which is rendered on a 180 degrees wrap-around screen. Stay Tuned for more news, and upgrades!

The Idea

The idea of building my 747-400 Simulator started over 10 years ago. Similarly to most simmers, I started with a single 14 inch monitor, then a 19″, then a 24″, then 2 monitors, then 2 32″ TVs – but everything changed however the moment I put my hands on a projector! It became a whole different ball-game, for I could now envision the sim’s potential – and with some (a lot of) work, what it could look like. So about 5 years ago I decided to build my 747 simulator. Read more...

The Build

Here is a sequential history of the build. Not everything is here of course, the center pedestal was without a doubt the hardest piece to make. I built that in my office believe it or not, between building one computer and the next.


Here is where we will post new videos and pictures of the sim!

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